So, you’re new to gaming and want to become an amazing gamer, but don’t quite know how? Don’t worry, that’s why we developed this guide – to help new gamers like yourself.

This guide will (hopefully) be all you need to find a game you love, choose a console and learn to enjoy gaming.

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Picking a platform

As someone who is new to gaming, you most probably don’t have the luxury of owning various consoles, as well as a computer. So, you are going to need to pick one platform to start with and gradually build up from there. If you already have a computer, it might be a good idea to start with that, for example you could play free online car games to begin with.

If you have a little bit of spare cash and want to buy a new console, make sure that you think it through first. Each type of console tends to specialise in different kinds of games. So, it is a good idea to know what interests you, before picking a console.

There are four main consoles to choose from: Wii, Xbox, Playstation, and of course, a computer.

Wii games are mostly family-friendly games, that are suitable for people of all ages. Although you can find some games aimed at more mature players, most will be easygoing games aimed at a younger audience. Don’t expect amazing graphics from Wii games.

The Xbox is an excellent console with a wide range of games available, as well as some games that are exclusive to it. Xboxes are more complex to use than Wiis and have many games aimed at older players, like Assassin’s Creed and Grand Theft Auto.

The Playstation is known as the master of all consoles. It’s games have amazing graphics, are incredibly life like and offer fantastic sound. Like an Xbox, the Playstation is complex to use and has many games aimed at adults, so it a better fit for an older gamer.

A computer is perfect for all round gamers and beginners. However, you may find that it is difficult to start gaming as you have to install various programs and software from the internet first. But, once you have set it all up, a computer is easy to use for gaming.

Choosing a game

Once you have chosen a platform – Wii, Xbox, Playstation, or the computer, you have already partially chosen what type of gamer you will be.

Choosing the first game that you play can be tricky, especially if you have no idea where you strengths lie.

Start off by thinking about what pulled you into gaming in the first place. Do you want to drive cars, shoot people or be an assassin? Perhaps you want to interact with thousands of other gamers? Think about what it is that interests you about gaming and choose a game that allows you to do that.

You have a console and a game, what now?

If you’ve picked a console such as an Xbox, all you will need to do is place the disk in, read the instructions and get playing. But, if you have chosen a computer game, you will need to do some installing before you can start playing.

Spend a few hours playing your new game and getting to know the console. Sit down, focus and immerse yourself in the game.