Players have come together online competing in this game since its introduction in 2004. The graphics will probably remind you of a cartoon, but don’t be mislead by that demanding “New Millenium” standard which requires state-of-the-art graphic excellence. This game does have its flair. It also has its following with over 11 million players to date.

This game caters to the casual player as well as the hardcore player. “World of Warcraft” (a.k.a. WOW) also has a user-friendly customizable interface feature. It provides a very different world for the players to become fully immersed. WOW reminds enough GenX’ers of the ‘dungeons and dragons’ era which makes it interesting enough for the older generation to get in on the fun.In addition to its intriguing storyline, World of Warcraft actually has a game world nation of races; you can actually choose which side to be on.You can choose to be on the Alliance which consists of Draenel, Night Elves, Humans, Gnomes, and Dwarves.On the other side of the battle, the game has provocative creatures that are called Orcs, Blood Elves, Tauren, Trolls, and the Undead. There are also several classes to the game which include:Druid – Druids are the most versatile of the classes and are able to transform into mighty beasts.Death Knight – Death Knights are the first “Hero Class”. The Death Knight(s) were introduced in the expansion of Lich King and will start the game at level 55.Warlock – The Warlock has an agenda casting evil spells with the usage of ‘diabolical’ persuasiveness to call on numerous demons as their servants. The Warlock memorizes curses that can later destroy his opponents.Mage – Can do a great deal of damage to opponents but lack defense. This might throw a player off just a tad, but the game remains enticing.

Rogue – The Rogue is lacking in the health and defense area just as the Mage but is capable of rendering incredible amounts of pain without a lot of time consumption.

Hunter – The Hunter comes from the Archer Class. The Hunter has the ability to fight at melee distances, but is most effective with the distance attack and his crafty skill to lay traps for the enemy or other animals.Priest – The Priest maintains all the support in World of Warcraft as he is responsible for possessing the highest healing power and can also wreak havoc with dark spells.Shaman – The Shaman is in tune to the fullest with the spirit world and utilize totems for channeling energy towards friends — or even foes.

Warrior – The Warrior can be a player’s dream character. The player can train this ‘class’ of character to endure lots of damage but he has to be trained properly. (This is another ‘immersion’ aspect of the game.)

Paladin – The Paladin is a holy warrior that has the ability to cast spells that support their friends in battle. The Paladin is physically able to wear a plate as well.Do keep in mind, when visiting the site (or signing up) for the first time — if you only do the free trial, you will not encounter the full aspect of the game meaning you will not be able to see these races or classes until you upgrade.


I have to admit, I have never played Diablo 1 or 2. When I heard there is a Diablo 3, I thought it was time to give it a shot. Game players who’ve never played (or heard of ) Diablo 3 could be wondering….what is it? At a first glimpse of the game at a gaming website, Diablo 3 The game has a dark storyline and the player undoubtedly, has a large task before him. The safety and well-being of humanity is in his hands in this diabolical NPG. Diablo 3 begins with the player choosing a character from 5 mighty hero classes.

These classes are:

Barbarian – This warrior, being large in size and possessing great strength; conquers a melee with any type of weapon and assault tactic. The Barbarian actually does better in combat when he’s outnumbered as opposed to hunting down a single target or enemy. The Barbarian has a weapon swing so powerful that it can render weaker foes helpless, while much more velocity-filled stomps and slams are able to crack the armor of more superior foes.

Monk – This sacred warrior can channel divine power through will. The highly skilled monk can deliver rapid fire attacks even when he’s unarmed. Not to mention that he’s a handful with an assortment of well-balanced weaponry. His strong suit are melee attacks. Sahptevian Monks train their bodies and minds to become the holiest warriors of Ivgorod.Demon Hunters – These hunters are relentless with a wide range of weapons. They possess crouching skills using bow-and-arrows, setting traps for creatures that want to unleash their reign of terror upon their world.

Wizard – This warrior will blast their enemies acquiring the time and/or energy that is required to get rid of them. This spellcasting renegade utilizes his/her body as a vessel for arcane power (or energy).

They can conjure up illusions that are so powerful — oncoming ambushes are thrown off.

Witch Doctor – The witch doctor is a spiritual warrior who can assault their enemies with acid poison clouds, weird skulls that explode, and wasteful curses all powered by encompassing themselves with created vermin and zombies. The witch doctor can summon dead souls and other slithering, crawling creatures to bid for them.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a living world filled with a plethra of dynamic events that change steadily according the players actions. Guild Wars 2 is filled with surprises, so the game stays exciting. It’s really true. The game actually responds to your actions. Like many of the popular MMOG games that exist, Guild Wars 2 also has nation of its own races.


As mentioned before, Guild Wars 2 has five races that reside in the realm. Human – The humans are in a disenfranchised state. Having lost their homeland, all forms of security, and their glorious pastime. Their Gods have even reneged on them, but they continue to defend Kryta resiliently.

Asura – These mystical scientist are short people, but they’re intellect is unparalled. The Asura world does not cater to the strong, but those who are quick-witted. The asura is waiting for its day to reign and all will serve.

Sylvari – The Sylvari is a mysterious plant being, but is noble. Sylvari do not go through what everyday humans know as natural birth. The Sylvari are in a constant struggle to balance attributes, assignments, war, and being in tune with what it means to promote chivalry.

Norn – The Ice Dragon defeated this race of hunters driving them from their icy homeland. No matter what they are going through, the Norn race does not get discouraged and they have a neverending zest for life and the thrill of the hunt.

Charr – Savage conquerors that were formed in the severe merciless test of war. It’s not their fault, though. They are accustomed to this way of life. Fools and weaklings better beware of the Charr. The only thing that the Charr is really concerned about is acquiring the victory.Professions

Guild Wars 2 allows you to choose from eight distinct professions. Each profession has unique powers and solid attack tactics. It shouldn’t be hard to find a profession to fit your playing style. The professions listed are:Engineer – In the game, the Engineer is a master developer of dynamite, potions (or elixirs), and any gadget that can cause mayhem.Necromancer – The Necromancer summon the dead and acts as a spirtual parasite. Necromancers have the ability to drain life force which they later use to help allies cheat death. Necromancers practice the dark arts.Thief – The Thief is an elusive character with an acrobatic fighting style which makes it hard for their opponents to strike them. Thieves have the ghostly attribute to move through shadows, disappear without a trace, and rob items from their foes and utilize them as weapons.

Elementalist – The Elementalist lacks the physical endurance but balances that power in versatility and the ability to massive amounts of damage in a single ambush.Warrior – The Warrior is a skilled craftsmen when it comes to using weaponry. The warrior depends upon his speed, physical strength, and his hard armor to be properly suited for battle.Ranger – The Ranger is capable of executing foes from a distance using bow weapons. This resilient character can adapt to every situation he encounters. Their archer ability is unmatched.Mesmer – The Mesmer is a duelist who knows magic and utilizes deception as a weapon. Mesmers ensure that combat is heavily in their favor “mesmer”-izing their opponents.

Guardian – The Guardian is a devoted fighter who knows when make sacrifices to enable his allies to win in battle. The Guardian is an extremely tactful character.Dynamic EventsThe dynamic events of the game actually are targeted for casual group play and co-op for players and to increase the difficulty all depending on how many players decide to participate. Guild Wars 2 is lenient in the sense of not penalizing you for joining your fellow players in battle.