Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology stand out for having a very active community in a large number of countries, both virtual and physical. With the increase in the number of initiatives, applications and cryptocurrency, it is normal to observe an increase in the number of people interested in the crypto environment, which has led to a growing community of enthusiasts and stakeholders.

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Speaking specifically about Brazil, there is a large number of groups among its community dedicated to dealing with issues related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Among them are 4 prominent groups: two that have the same name, ‘Bitcoin Brasil’ , and that have the largest number of Brazilian bitcoiners in the social network; and the most technology-oriented, Blockchain Brazil and Blockchain Startups Brazil. On the other hand, there are information and debate communities in Telegram, among which Bitcoin Brasil and Criptomoedas stand out . blockchain technology

However, despite having a fairly active virtual community, not everything is discussed through networks. Brazil has a number of Meetups (group meeting) for debate and education on issues related to criptomundo. Throughout the country there are at least 14 Meetups , which mostly take place in the city of São Paulo.

The behavior of users in the networks shows great interest in this topic. Among the Brazilian community, it seems to dominate the commercialization of cryptocurrencies, over mining and the development of applications. This is reinforced by small surveys conducted by CriptoNoticias in several groups, where the community voted mostly for being merchants , a result that usually tripled the votes obtained for the second option, mining.


Although ‘bitcoin’ is the only cryptocurrency portrayed in the names of the Bitcoin Brazil groups , this does not make these groups exclusive of themes related to the digital currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto. In both groups of Facebook are treated topics related to different cryptocurrencies, such as ether and ripple , news, important announcements of the community and also the creation of discussions among users of the groups. etherripple

In essence, both groups work in the same way, the difference lies in the number of its members: one of them having 71,839 members, while in the second group there are 30,798 members at the time this note is written.

Another detail that must be highlighted is that in both groups the sale of bitcoins is allowed. In the group of 30 thousand members , to avoid the scams, a recommendation list was created with the active users of the group that are considered reliable to negotiate with bitcoins.

In contrast, there are smaller groups that are also intended for user interaction, touching on topics related to the cryptographic environment. Blockchain Brazil is one of them, with 1,235 users it focuses on being a comfortable environment to discuss and disseminate any information related to initiatives, applications, smart contracts , finance and more topics of the crypt in general. smart contracts

Finally, there is the Facebook group Blockchain Startups Brazil , which according to its description is intended to “exchange and disseminate knowledge, solve doubts, promote debates, surveys, disclose events, all about startups based on Blockchain in Brazil and in the world. In addition, facilitate business, contact contacts and who knows, until leaving for a beer. ” This group has 1,109 members.

As far as the Telegram communities are concerned, there are several that are responsible for publishing news, as well as serving as a support for those users who have doubts about the vast world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Bitcoin Brazil , with 1,727 members, and Criptomoedas, with 1,606 members, are examples of this.

It is worth mentioning that there is also a specific section in Reddit for Brazilian bitcoiners, although the publications there are rather international; although in Portuguese language. The same happens on Twitter with Bitcoin Brazil.


The Meetups, or meetings, are community events where people go to meet with local businessmen, to deal with certain specific topics and thus learn directly from experts in the field.

In Brazil, according to the portal , 14 meetings have been held on the crypto-core, being mostly in the city of São Paulo.

Blockchain Academy is the meetup with the most members, having 2,019 members. Its objective is to promote the training of professionals, developers and companies, providing them with knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, seeing the way in which this technology can change their lives.

For its part, with 1,160 members, is the meetup ‘ Bitcoin São Paulo ‘. The objective of this meeting is to create an environment in which people can meet in person in that city for free, to talk about blockchain technology, bitcoin and altcoins . According to the organizers of the meetup, they do this because they believe that we are “on the verge of a revolution in the way things are done and who is in charge of them”. In addition, they also concentrate on teaching people how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. This December 9 will be held in São Paulo at the meeting called ‘ Quantum Cryptography and Blockchain ‘, organized by this group. altcoins

Most do not have upcoming events scheduled. However, these 14 meetups have been part of the education and information process of the users who have attended, making a great contribution to the Brazilian blockchain and cryptocurrency community. This community seems to be growing, so it is expected that both groups in different networks and events continue to increase in the next.